The New Apprenticeship


NIMS Competency-Based Apprenticeship System

The NIMS Competency-Based Apprenticeship System enables companies to source and hire individuals with nationally-recognized skills and train them to company-specific needs. The blend of classroom and workplace learning provides individuals with the highest quality training while they gain real-world experiences and skills by working and contributing to the sponsoring company.

Current Occupations:

Framework can be applied to a number of other company-specific occupations/job functions depending on the company’s needs.

Apprenticeships Help Companies:

  • Recruit skilled and talented individuals to the precision manufacturing industries by offering an attractive opportunity to work and learn towards a valuable career
  • Prepare the next generation of employees by providing a strong foundation of skills that are critical in their career paths and to advance in your company
  • Invest in your future workforce by ensuring they have the right skills, meeting industry-wide and company-specific standards and requirements needed for long-term business success
  • Build a customized training program that leverages national industry-recognized credentials to make on-the-job training more efficient and advanced

Why Competency-Based?

“Competency-based” means that apprentices learn and progress through the training by mastering and performing certain skills and competencies, in lieu of a rigid set of hours. This enables individuals to move through the training more efficiently and companies to focus on the training that’s needed for the individual and the job. Individuals advance at their own pace and employers are able to effectively monitor and measure progress and reward individual initiative.

Flexible Apprenticeship Models: Fitting the company, individual and job


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