NIMS Ready is the brainchild of three ingenious people- Danny Legend, Christina Pratt and Matt Robinson. Known today as incredible engineers, they did not take the standard path to a profession. While Danny and Christina opted for Industrial Training after under-graduation, Matt chose the route of apprenticeship. At present, all three are at the peak of their careers and enjoy the perks that come with it. As life-long friends and then later colleagues in the same company, Danny, Christina and Matt decided to help others in their professions.
To this end, they created NIMS Ready. The website is a tool they use to educate young people and graduates about the choices they have in life. It is their way of informing the next generation that finding the right career path is not all about being a cookie cutter. There are trainings that one can enrol in which lead to equally successful vocations. Instead of selecting a college, people can opt for apprenticeship and have satisfying jobs.
The three use their experience and knowledge to circulate the latest information about industrial training and apprenticeships. The singular objective is that others can leverage it to their benefit.