One of the most relevant sectors in the economy is the manufacturing sector. In fact, manufacturing plays a major role in the industrial sector, without which the entire economy would literally come to a standstill. In the US, the government has realized the need for providing training for people to work in the manufacturing sector. The Ohio State University focuses on providing education to people who want to establish a career in the manufacturing industry.
By partnering with about 200 manufacturers, the Ohio State University (OSU) is able to develop and fund research which will be useful for this industry. This university is able to utilize the talents of their professors, as well as that of the graduate and undergraduate students. Being a powerhouse of learning for the manufacturing industry, it is able to focus on various innovations that will be useful for the manufacturing sector, and this includes:
• product design,
• technology commercialization
• manufacturing for industry
Because of the pivotal role that the OSU plays in producing high-quality graduates for the manufacturing industry, the government of the US is providing funding so that the university can conduct various training programs for people who want a career in the manufacturing industry.

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