Credentials to meet your workforce needs

The NIMS Credentials certify an individual’s skills as measured against the NIMS Standards. Earning NIMS credentials requires a performance test and a theory test. The performance requirements and theory tests are drawn directly from the NIMS Standards, and are written and piloted by industry. NIMS offers industry-demanded credentials that prepare individuals for jobs in manufacturing, including Industrial Technology Maintenance.

NIMS recently published the first-ever industry standards for Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM).  Learn more.


Machining Level I

Designed to meet entry-level requirements for on-the-job skills


Machining Level II

Designed to meet journey-level requirements for on-the-job skills

Manual Milling Skills II

Turning II (manual)

Drill Press Skills II

Grinding Skills II

CNC Milling Skills II

CNC Turning Skills II

EDM — Wire

EDM — Plunge


Machining Level III

Designed to meet master-level requirements for on-the-job skills

CNC Turning Skills III

CNC Milling Skills III


Industrial Technology Maintenance

Maintenance Operations

Basic Mechanical Systems

Basic Hydraulic Systems

Basic Pneumatic Systems

Electrical Systems

Electrical Control Systems

Process Control Systems

Maintenance Welding

Maintenance Piping


Metalforming Level I

Metalforming Level I


Stamping Level II

Operate with Single Hit Tooling II

Operate with Compound Dies II

Operate with Progressive Dies II

Operate with Deep Draw Dies II

Operate with Transfer Dies II


Stamping Level III

Parts Inspection & Quality Control

Setup with Single Hit Tooling III

Setup with Compound Dies III

Setup with Progressive Dies III

Setup with Deep Draw Dies III

Setup with Transfer Dies III


Press Brake Level II

Operate Non-CNC Drive Press Brake Skills II

CNC Punch (Turret) Press Level II


Press Brake Level III

Setup and Operate Non-CNC Mechanical III

Setup and Operate CNC Drive III


Slide Forming Level II

Slide Forming Operations II


Slide Forming Level III

Slide Forming Setup & Operation II


Screw Machining Level II

Operate with Single Spindles II

Operate with Multiple Spindles II


Screw Machining Level III

Setup & Operate with Single Spindles II

Setup & Operate with Multiple Spindles III


Machine Building Level II

Machine Building Level II Mechanical Assembly


Machine Building Level III

Machine Building Level III Mechanical Assembly


Machine Maintenance,
Service & Repair Level II

Preventive Maintenance


Machine Maintenance,
Service & Repair Level III

Machine Service & Repair

Machine Repair/Rebuilding


Diemaking Level II

Diemaking Level II


Diemaking Level III

Diemaking Level III


For use in certifying training staff to train personnel to achieve
all NIMS standards:

OJT Trainer
OJT Senior Trainer
OJT Training Coordinator